About The Gl0d Group

The Gl0d Group contains a group of people working on disparate projects with a common vision and goal.

The Gl0d Group was founded by Breki Tomasson in 2010 as a way of collecting the various projects he was involved in creating under a single banner.

Uniting them in this way, he was able to find which projects to focus on and allow them to learn from each other. He would be able to bring people on board on one project and then attract them to other projects as interests shifted.

To date, The Gl0d Group has:

  • Attracted more than 20 people creating content and code on a regular basis.
  • Launched a very successful podcasting network.
  • Launched a profitable crowdfunding campain on Patreon.
  • Developed podcast statistics and feed rehosting technologies.
  • Built a large community of fans.

Our Projects

The Gl0d Group is constantly working on a number of projects with a focus on education and entertainment on the Internet. We work on developing systems and solutions that simplify the creation, distribution and administration of entertainment media. This can take the form of blogs, podcasts, measurment tools, news aggregators or simple services to lighten your workload.

We develop our projects from two angles at the same time. Firstly; we find exceptional people with great skills and take advantage of the synergies that can pop up when great people work together. Secondly, we cultivate visionary ideas and do what we can to meet them with the skills we have available.

On the right, we have a list of the projects we have in some stage of completion.

The CSICON network releases Internet broadcasts on a variety of geek-themed topics. This includes television series, computer security, MMORPG commentary, discussions about movies from 1999 or earlier, and much more. Please consider supporting it via its Patreon page and help us create more and better content.
Mesr.it grew out of a need to offload some bandwidth away from CSICON's servers and host our RSS feeds elsewhere. While we were at it, we realized we could build some extra functionality into the feeds, so we built a statistics engine into the feeds as well and lessened our dependencies on third party services. Over time, we will be opening this service up to other podcasters.
We've recently launched a new website called Geekipedia, a wiki that aims to gather the best geek-themed knowledge out there. Think of it as a Wikipedia for geeks, a Wikipedia with less focus on sources and relevance, but instead a focus on celebrating all facets of geek culture.
OMG WTB is a new website we're just in the beginning of launching right now. It'll contain a curated list of products on Amazon that we swear by and believe in. So if you've got some petty cash that you don't know what you want to spend on, this is the place to go to check it out.

Our Values

We have fun

Work in the Gl0d Group should always be fun; there should never be the feel of drudgery or dull routine in anything we do. As a member of The Gl0d Group, if you're no longer having fun doing what you do, you're never under any obligation to continue and are encouraged to speak anybody above you to discuss possible avenues of improving your experience with the project at hand.

We never stand still

One of the worst things that can happen to a company is complacency. Knowing that they have a product or service that is the leader in their market leads them to stop innovating, inventing, and creating new and better things, allowing hungrier competitors to catch up and overtake them. The Gl0d Group will not fall to this temptation, but continue to create new and better things, launch new projects and constantly work towards new ideas.

We provide quality

We want to be associated with exceptional quality, and do our utmost to ensure that no product will be made public without having gone through the most stringent quality assurance we can imagine. This has more than once led us to "kill our darlings" as we start a project that we realize we can't deliver with the quality we desire. We try not to release a public beta and work our way to completion over time, but release the best possible product or service when it's ready.

We are a community

People working within The Gl0d Group should feel a sort of kinship with each other, despite working on separate teams or projects. We encourage all forms of cross-project interactions and empower people to keep in touch with each other via mutual chats, forums and other avenues of conversation. This allows for quick and easy project crossbreeding where people can help out according to the various needs and requirements that may arise. It's always exciting to see synergies arising between teams.

We strive for simplicity

All too often, administration and busywork gets in the way of people performing at their peak efficiency. In The Gl0d Group, we aim to provide systems, tools and methods that get out of the way of people and allow them to focus on what they're good at. Most of our development work has been in this area and will continue to be so, as we create better ways for us to work and create the best possible code, content or service.

We solve problems

A lot of the time, we create things because of our frustration that these things don't exist. We solve our own problems, only to realize that there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of people out there in need of the same kinds of solutions to their own problems. Whether this be a daily podcast on geek culture or a service that offloads bandwidth and provides measurement statistics, we aim to solve those problems.

We build friendships

Essentially, what The Gl0d Group does is provide entertainment and education - or services that help others do the same - to people on the Internet. In so doing, we have been blessed to meet hundreds of people who love what we do or who are doing similar things in their own fields. We welcome this and are always eager to talk to people who have an interest in the same sort of things we do. In fact, most people in The Gl0d Group today started off as friends of others in The Gl0d Group or as fans of what we do.

We make a difference

It's very important for us to not just create stuff because we can. As citizens of this Earth, we feel it is vitally important to not just live here, but actively try to improve it, whether that be by entertaining people, providing services that ease their lives or educating people in ways to improve their day-to-day lives. We also have an ambition to be charitable as soon as our budget allows for it.

Let's Work Together!

Managment Team

The Gl0d Group isn't the products and services we make, but - as the name implies - the group of people that make them possible. We've been forunate enough to attract some truly amazing people who have been able to grow their skill set and develop their ambitions within the group. Here's the managment team: